About Xantho

The power of Xanthohumol

What we believe in

Your skin deserves to be treated with the greatest respect. What you do with it and what you put on it can affect your health. That’s why we believe in natural, pure and especially effective skin care. For all skin types, for all ages.

Natural. Because we use the purest from nature: xanthohumol, the most powerful natural antioxidant from the hop flower. Xantho is also free of silicones, parabens, sulfates and colourants.

Pure. Because we believe less is more. Loyal to the Clean-Label principle we make the greatest possible difference with the fewest possible ingredients.

Effective. Because science is what drives us. We owe the innovative and proven effect of Xantho to scientific research. Which is why Xantho is available at over 500 pharmacists.

Our story

Xantho is a story of scientific pioneering and entrepreneurship. For over four years, we have been working with professors and researchers to make the xanthohumol in the hop flower available for skin care. For some time already, science has been aware that this powerful antioxidant has remarkable properties. The only problem, however, has been to make xanthohumol optimally available for skin care. The answer was simple: make it water soluble, but this did require years of research.

The result

The result is a unique patented formula. A world first and 100% Belgian. Thanks to this innovative formula, we can now apply the pure power of this natural hero to our skin. Xanthohumol visibly slows down the signs of ageing. Our first tests immediately showed a 15% decrease in wrinkle depth after 28 days.

It was not only science that played an important role in the launch of Xantho. From the very beginning, Xantho has been guided by the Clean Label principle. Offering full transparency on the content of the product and making the greatest possible difference with the fewest possible ingredients. That is what makes Xantho natural, pure and effective.

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