Hop-based anti-aging

The strongest natural antioxidant

Up to 200 x more powerful than Vitamin C

PATENTED formula

Thanks to scientific pioneering work and a unique patent, we now made the properties of Xanthohumol (strongest natural antioxidant) available for skin care.

Natural strength

Xanthohumol from the hop flower is up to 6 times more powerful than other known strong antioxidants (such as retinol). Use Xantho and experience the power of hops for yourself.

Less is more

We make the biggest difference possible with as few ingredients as possible. Natural, pure and effective for your skincare routine.

Proven operation

Xanthohumol visibly slows down all signs of skin aging. Clinical tests show 15% less wrinkle depth after 28 days. Long-term use will significantly enhance this result.

How it works

Anti-aging through the use of hops

Xanthohumol, an antioxidant from the hop flower, has an unprecedentedly powerful effect. Studies show that Xanthohumol not only hydrates and fades wrinkles, but also reduces blemishes, redness and pigment spots. Thanks to the quadruple effect , every Xantho product falls under the heading of all-in-one.

Knowing more

Xantho's patented formula based on Xanthohumol (200 x more powerful than Vitamin C) significantly slows down the skin aging process.


Experiences an improvement in the skin after a first purchase*.


Experiences an improved wrinkle depth of 15%** after 28 days.


Finds skin feeling radiant, softer and smooth after use for 30 days*.


Of users, 36% experience an improvement in hydration**.